by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: If you have any doubts concerning the true purpose of the Mueller investigation, this week’s events should put everything into perspective for you.
When Michael Cohen made his plea bargain with the Justice Department in Manhattan, he was forced to confess to a crime that really isn’t a crime. Supposedly, paying off women for Trump was a violation of campaign laws, but there is no statute against doing this.
If there is no law against what Cohen did, and there isn’t, then why did he confess to a crime that doesn’t exist? It’s because the attorneys at the Justice Department required him to do so. Why would they do that? It’s because their true purpose is to find a way to end the Trump Presidency. They were doing Mueller’s bidding, and they were willing to misuse the law to achieve their purpose.
Members of the press, licking their chops, have behaved predictably, calling for Trump’s impeachment; but it is all based on Cohen admitting guilt to a crime that does not exist. What happened in New York is part of a broader mosaic initiated by Robert Mueller’s singular goal of nullifying the 2016 Presidential election. His goal—the Deep State’s goal—is to take Trump down.
There is nothing fair and impartial about what Mueller is doing, as this false confession verifies. It’s all aimed at twisting the law to make it easier to destroy President Trump. Because this is the truth, the President should not consent to be interviewed by Mueller’s team. It’s a trap—no doubt about it.

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