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We’re living in extraordinary times. Times filled with unprecedented levels of opportunity and challenge. I believe we are a spiritual being living inside a physical body. With that belief, a True Spiritual Teaching must provide support for these times. It must be simple, practical and actionable NOW — not after decades or lifetimes of work. It must be available to all, without prerequisites, exclusivity, or secrets. It must embrace all of The Human Experience without ignoring, judging or suppressing anything. It must reveal Truth and, most importantly, move it from the realm of ideas, concepts and intellect into actual Seeing, Knowing and Experiencing. Moving beyond ideas, concepts and intellect into actual Seeing, Knowing and Experiencing Truth is The Big Key … and what’s missing from most teachings, models and systems (old and new).

The Teachings were brought to my awareness through an unusual and often excruciatingly painful journey that lasted several decades. My style as Teacher and Coach has always been, “Been there, done that … to a very deep level from personal experience … then pop up and share what I discovered and experienced.” As a result, The Teachings have changed, expanded, and transformed as my journey unfolded.The Teachings have been specifically designed to aggressively challenge the “status quo,” what you’ve believed to be True, and to expand your view of who you really are, what your life is really about, what you’re really capable of, what’s really possible for you, what your life is really about, what you’re really capable of. Therefore, don’t be surprised if various forms of mental and/or emotional resistance surface as you read.

The number one thing I hear when speaking with people each week is LACK and Limitation words. There is a LANGUAGE of SUCCESS and a Language of Lack. The words you speak are stored in the subconscious. By changing your words you will be able make more empowered choices .Because of the way human- beings receive information, YOUR Voice is the MOST recognized voice , therefore what you say will influence you NOW and your future actions .Unless you know how to filter out the conscious and subconscious influence and choose, consciously, what to accept or not. You are either enhancing your life, or debilitating it. Most people are unaware of how to filter the subconscious communication and as a result they adopt their limiting beliefs. Zig Ziglar said it best “A person cannot consistently behave in a manner that is inconsistent with the way THEY SEE THEMSELF.”

I love working with people who are READY to Embrace the Next Level in their Life and Business. In the last 14 years I have personally Coached & Mentored over 1,000 clients, and worked with Entrepreneurs, Direct Sales people, Network Marketers, and people from all walks of life. Now more than ever people need Direction, Motivation & Strategies to be on their best form. All the most successful people in the world from presidents, big CEO’s, actors & athletes having Coaches & Mentors who help to focus, sharpen & refine these people to continue growth & improvement & even greater impact. It works for them & it will work for you! Pass this on to someone you know who DESERVES to have me as Their Coach.

Are you READY?
I mean really ready?
I am NOT seeking the Curious… I am seeking the serious!
If that describes you CONTACT me Today… Expect Excellence!

John Ramsey
Speaker | Spiritual Teacher | Life Coach
Spirit Driven Coaching | Next Level Living
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“For this very purpose I have raised
you up, that I might show my power
in you, and that my name might be
proclaimed in all the earth.”
Romans 9:17

While there has been an age-old conflict between Spirituality and Science, true spirituality actually expounds on science and true science helps give definition and structure to the spiritual realm of life. The argument then is NOT whether these two worldviews can coexist or that to embrace the one is to deny the other; the argument is in the willingness of the person to accept the two with an open mind and a teachable spirit have discovered a combination of Scientific and Spiritual Ways to reveal a “Higher Way” of obtaining wealth, achieving success and fulfilling one’s Kingdom Purpose in life. It is when people pursue a single worldview with fervor, while simultaneously abhorring the other worldview with equal tenacity that an imbalance exists. From this imbalance arises extremism and from this all manner of confusion and frustration can erupt. Seeking the fine balance that seamlessly blends spiritual ways and scientific methods into a single, cohesive unit makes for a powerful, unstoppable force. Every single thing in the universe is made up of energy. The visible things we see and the invisible things we cannot see are made up of energy. The air we breathe, the things we touch and we ourselves are made up of energy. Even the invisible space between us and the object before us is made up of energy.

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