by Stephanie Lacey

Exude my joy today. Take my hand and step with me out of the despairing trench up onto my solid ground. I am not wringing my hands over the treacherous trench you have encountered at times. I am right here. Make it your determination to set your eyes upon me and allow me to help you up. Take my hand yes, but step up with me as well. I am God who is alive and breathes upon you. I am your Father. You can access my presence at any given time as the veil was torn because of my beloved faithful son. There isn’t a time you have not been able to come before me even in those times you thought I was far off. Oh my precious child I am close to the broken hearted. When you thought I was distant in your sorrows I was actually closer to you then you realized. I hold you close. I count your tears and know the lengths of your despair. But make the decision not to stay there. Choose me because I so chose you. It is I that makes you glad and your heart to triumph even in those difficult places. I am sufficient for you. My grace is sufficient my child. There isn’t one thing I overlook concerning you. Dwell with me. Look into my face and draw from the strength of my heart. This is my countenance within you. Allow me to take precedence and rise up in you my beloved.

Scripture application Proverbs 15:13, Proverbs 25:23, Psalm 4:6, Nehemiah 2:1-3, Ecclesiastes 8:1, Psalm 42, Psalm 43

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