My favor is held inside of purity and obedience – March 9 Devotional

by Stephanie Lacey

Arise in the knowing that my favor is as a shield
around you this day. You aren’t a beggar my
child. To beg me is to insult me as if I were
some stranger passing by. When you truly know
me, you understand you can come to me
knowing that as your Father in Heaven I will
supply. To obey me is a sure sign that you know
me. Obedience and purity of heart capture my
favor. When are you going to understand that I
am favor? I am that I am. When you know me
you know you will never have to beg me for the
inheritance that is already so bountifully yours.
Knowing who I am to you rather than ringing
your hands in doubt you can enter into that deep
trust and rest in abiding in me. You know that
you know I am God. I know what you needed
today before the foundations of the heavens and
the universe. I know what you will need four
years from now. Make up your mind and set
your heart to trusting me with all of your years.
You will trust me when you know me. So

understand you must turn to me and seek me in
order to truly know me. Would you expect your
neighbor to know you if you never sought a
conversation or approached them? I desire
communication and relationship. My Son made
that available for you to connect with me. Do not
pass up an opportunity each day to commune
with me. My joy is to walk and talk with you. But
so often you don’t even acknowledge I am here.
Come to me my child. What more could I do to
get your attention by sending my own Son to die
on your behalf? Come to me my child and
receive what only I can give to you as your one
and only creator.

Scripture application: Psalm 5:12 Proverbs 3:1-
4, John 1:16, Romans 1:5, Romans 16:19,
Jeremiah 7:23, Deuteronomy 28:14, Philippians

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