MY PRAYER: Admitting Fault When Necessary

by Jack Watts

MY PRAYER: Father,
Now that I’ve opened myself up completely,
Being as honest and transparent as I know how to be,
Having also admitted my faults to another,
I ask that You heal my pain completely.
Change anything in me that You desire.
You are Almighty God; and I am not.
I know how powerless I am to control
What will happen in my future.
Father, I am weary of walking a path
That has not been ordained by You.
To complete the process of purging my life
From all that remains toxic to my soul,
I recognize there is one final step I need to take.
I need to forgive those who have hurt me—
Totally, completely, irreversibly, and forever.
Just as You have forgiven me—I forgive them.
I release them—just as I have been released.
I have churned anger and bitterness in my soul
For far too long, paying a heavy price
For maintaining my grudges and refusing to forgive.
Foolishly, I have believed I was chastising
My abusers, by spitefully withholding my pardon,
But the only person I have punished is me.
I realize this and no longer desire bitterness to nurture my malice.
Give me the strength to lay aside my anger and my acrimony.
Allow me to walk into the future unencumbered
By the debilitating shackles that have enslaved me for so long,

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