My Prayer Against This Godless Tyranny


As those who are Evil continue to use every foul trick

To suppress truth, righteousness and the American way,

Manipulating our courts with devious, biased Lawfare,

Calling their schemes just and the “Defense of Democracy,”

Crushing the Constitutional Rights of all who oppose

Their desire to reshape our beloved nation to suit their

Perverted ways, all that stands in their way are people like us.

We hate what they have done to our beloved nation.

Calling right wrong and wrong right, they twist the truth

To serve their devious ways, as they do everything in their power

To transform America into a godless, Marxist hell hole,

But they don’t just hate us and our candidate, Father,

They hate You too. Loathing righteousness and every good thing

That has made the USA the greatest nation in world history,

They believe they are stronger and mightier that You,

But they are wrong. Crush these despicable cowards, Lord.

Make them pay a heavy penalty for the Evil they’ve inflicted

On simple, God-fearing Americans who want nothing more

Than to live in peace, raise our families, be able to put food

On the table, and lead wholesome, righteous lives.

As those who willing bow our knees to You and to no one else,

We humbly ask this in Christ’s precious name, amen.

—Jack Watts