MY PRAYER: Confronting Fear

by Jack Watts

Sometimes I’m so afraid
That my skin grows cold
And I can hardly breathe.
I feel so helpless and all alone.
I’m afraid of so many things—
Of people, of places, of isolation,
Of death, and of economic insecurity.
The list seems endless, and I am powerless
To calm the fears that rob me of my serenity.
Without Your protective shielding,
I fear that imminent devastation
Will be my destiny, crushing me completely.
I am so consumed with fear that I cannot hear
Your calming reassurance.
In my heart, I know You are my immovable refuge.
My only hope is to rely on You completely.
In You, I am safe and sheltered from the storm
That threatens to destroy my future.
Help me to be calm, confident, and serene,
Regardless of my perplexing situation.
Help me to stand firm and never shrink away,
Regardless of the uncertainties that lay ahead.
Help me dwell in the safety of Your strength.
Guide me and protect me each day of my life,
For as many days that are left—one day at a time,

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