MY PRAYER: Father, Work in Me

by Jack Watts

When I come before You,
I dutifully pay lip service
To how awesome You are.
When I say it, I mean it—kind of.
I know it’s true, but I must admit
That what I am really interested in is me.
I acknowledge Your sovereignty because
I want “things,” from You—lots of things.
I want You to bless me and everything I do—
To make my life easier and, most of all,
To rubberstamp my will as Your own.
Nearly all of my prayers focus on
What You can do for me.
I’m interested in Your blessings—
Not in developing a deep relationship with You.
This is the truth, and I need to acknowledge it.
I wish I were a better, more selfless person.
I wish I had more character than I do, but I don’t.
Admitting the truth about who I am embarrasses me,
But You know my heart and what I am really like.
I need You to continue making changes in me—
To teach me to seek You for who You really are,
Rather than simply seeking You for what You can do.
Give me a heart to yearn for knowledge and wisdom,
Instead of simply insisting upon Your benevolence.
Teach me to look beyond my limited world,
And allow me to develop a heart of compassion.
I recognize my selfishness; it is ever before me,
But You are changing me from the inside out,
Helping me to become a better version of myself
Than I have ever been,

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