MY PRAYER for Standing Strong in 2019

by Jack Watts

Our Gracious god and Loving Heavenly Father,
You are light and in You there is no hint of darkness.
We know this and accept this truth in our hearts and souls.
As Your obedient children, we are grateful to serve
A God who wants His children to walk in the light.
Father, to be honest, for most of my journey with You,
For nearly all of the time I have sought your will for my life,
My focus has been primarily on my personal conduct and not
On the clarity of my thinking or the accuracy of my worldview.
Father, I now recognize this has been a significant mistake.
Please open my heart and my mind to Your Holy Spirit.
Allow me to take a good, hard, and honest assessment
Of what I have considered to be true, but could be deep-seated
Deception, leading me away from Your will for my life.
I want to know and to follow Your ways and Your precepts.
Search me to see if there are any strongholds of darkness
Or false beliefs that prevent me from discerning Your will.
If such areas exist, direct Your Holy Spirit to reveal them to me,
Because I do not want anything to prevent me from being
The person You have created me to be. I ask this in Christ’s name,

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