MY PRAYER: Our Ways Are No Longer Your Ways

by Jack Watts

Father in Heaven,
We have wandered so far from You,
From Your ways, from Your leading,
From Your desires, and from Your purpose.
At first, it didn’t seem like this was such a great distance,
But now that we look back, it has become clear
That our stubborn willfulness has led us
To a barren spiritual wilderness, where millions,
Repudiating Your Word, call right wrong and wrong right.
As a nation, in our arrogance and self-righteousness,
We still speak Your name, but it is without reverence.
We still want Your blessing, and confidently believe we have
A right to ask for it, but we do not look to You for Leadership,
Nor do we consider obeying Your will to be important.
We acknowledge this is the true report and confess our complicity
In being docile, apathetic, and complicit, as the forces of Darkness
Have usurped our traditions, our heritage, and our purpose,
Redefining history to justify their godless perspective.
We stand in the shadow of generations of Christian patriots—
Those who fought the good fight so that we would remain free
To worship You in peace and prosperity, free from impediment.
But now we face new obstacles. A new spirit has emerged,
One whose haughtiness and pride sneers at You in disdain,
As they mock Your name and Your people, calling us ignorant,
Uninformed, and dangerous to their secular globalist agenda.
As believers in You and Your willingness to restore America,
We ask that You hear our prayers, as we bow before You,
Repenting of our societal sins. We beseech You to heal our land.
We ask this, not because we are deserving,
But because of Your unending love, mercy and grace.,

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