Father, Raise up Men and Women of Character

Our Gracious God and Loving Heavenly Father,
As we begin a new year in America, it is time
For us to take a good hard look at ourselves—
A look that is a real, honest, and true assessment of
Who we really are and how strong our commitment is
To seek Your leadership about how we move forward.
It is time for us to ask penetrating questions about
Our role in the direction America takes in 2018.
Will we have the courage to stand strong for You,
For Your Truth, for Your Justice, and for Your ways,
Or will we simply be another nameless, faceless
“Me Too” generation that embraces the ways
Of the Laodiceans that were neither hot nor cold?

Father, as we recognize the corruption that engulfs us,
We ask where are Your mighty men—Your men of old,
Those whose only desire was to serve from a willing heart—
Never for sordid gain or to exploit the helpless and weak.
Why are men like these missing from our public life?
Where are the virtuous women—the women integrity?
Those who would rather die than be dishonorable?
Why do we have to settle for representation that can do
Nothing more than lead by being self-serving and shady?
Why do we have to settle for miscreants who seek
Wisdom from polls, rather than from Your Word?

Father, we admit and acknowledge to You today
That we have been remiss in our duty as citizens.
We have demurred and allowed scoundrels to lead us,
Instead of insisting upon leadership with impeccable standards.
There are many honest men and women in America—
Those who champion Your Name, Your ways, and Your precepts.
Their numbers are legion, but we need Your Holy Spirit
To put it in their hearts to come forward and uphold all
That is right, just, and true about our great nation.

This is why we come before You today. On bended knee,
On behalf of the great nation we love, honor, and cherish,
We ask that You raise up a new generation of righteous leaders.
Our goal is to remain a “City on a Hill” for the world to see
And to emulate, but we can never remain the home of the free
And the land of the brave, simply by having good leaders.
It is up to each of us as well—Your people, those who
Are called by Your Name to be strong, active, and courageous.
Let me be one of those who remains faithful and true to You.
This is what I want for my life and why I make a commitment
To You today, to be loyal, trustworthy, and devoted to my country,

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