Nothing Is Impossible

Have you ever awakened to dreading the drive? You know, the morning commute and what it has in store for you? Well, this particular day the morning commute was awful. We were trapped in a snowstorm during rush hour. Unfortunately, that day I had to drive the entire city of Minneapolis. First a white-knuckle drive to get my son to school. Such relief once we arrived safely! Determined, I embarked onto my next appointment at the exact opposite end of town. My plan was to continue immediately on, even though I had 90 minutes to arrive. The wisdom of that decision quickly became apparent!

There I was, crawling along hoping to make it through each intersection before the light changed. It was a careful assessment at each intersection – will I make it through, or block the traffic? Though frustrating, it beat the earlier white knuckling it at 45mph. Many times I felt my tires slipping, ice beneath, taunting me with “I dare you”. I was going to be very late, throw caution to the wind, let’s move, baby! But… no. I could only slog along with the herd, spacing my SUV just far enough back to avoid rear-ending the glowing blinking eyes of the vehicle blockade ahead. They were almost mesmerizing, as I gazed at them through my snow-filled windshield.

I grew tired of the constant braking, and the inevitable ice. We crawled along, a giant herd all heading somewhere, but none to the same destination. Left, right, left, right, my wipers were in rhythm with the music on the radio. An hour and a half had passed, and I was only halfway to my destination. So much for the 90 minutes I had thought were more than enough! By virtue of Ms. Garmin’s leadership, she brought me to downtown. Really, how ridiculous! Bring me on the route where everyone is going, and I’m not! My thoughts were stuck on the impossibility of ever making my destination.

Out of nowhere, an ambulance stopped all traffic. In unison we all moved to the shoulder, and then – behold! A man riding… a UNICYCLE.

There it was, the impossible right in front of me. He rode with amazing skill, using the snow and ice, like an ice skater, or better yet, a downhill racer skiing an Olympic slalom, timing his moves perfectly. His subtle maneuvers were taking advantage of the ice and snow, my current nemesis. I struggled on four tires. He danced on one. He made an incredible skill appear so easy. No, much more than that, it was beautiful. A fellow commuter waved and bid him hello in the storm. He smiled, his face to the wind and snow, returning a shout and joyous wave. He showed us all that nothing is impossible! And the smile on his face revealed how much he loved it. He had gleefully conquered the elements!

As I continued my journey, I could not help but consider that moment, and my own life. Have I boxed myself in with believing the impossibilities? Or, could I try a different vehicle that would be much more enjoyable, and still get me to my final destination? Do I need all 4 tires, or should I make a go with only one? How would I handle it? Will it change my approach? What challenges will I find on my every day journey that could reveal to be hidden assets? I had not considered the UNICYCLE. Yet there it was. So simple! Will this help me get to my destination? All I have to do is try.

I finally found the catalyst. Believe the impossible. Had to see it to believe it – that man joyfully riding a unicycle in a winter snowstorm.

Do you have something that you’ve been holding off doing? Does it keep coming to mind, over and over, a nagging realization that you were meant to do it? Take the first step, and start! It really only takes ONE step. The thing is to trust and just do it. That saying really is a major key to everyone’s life. Just do it. Wish I had a million dollars for every time I thought it and didn’t.

Our minds often put us into traps making us believe that we cannot reach our dreams. Again and again, we think we cannot make a goal because of this or that, does not matter what the thought is, it shows up. Are you going to let it stop you? Your dreams never happen if you never try.

The most amazing thing about that drive that day was the contrast of this man, throwing all caution to the wind, commuting on a unicycle. Then there were the rest of us, fear filled nail-biting drivers on four, or perhaps even more, wheels. Really? He’s on one tire and still alive in this environment? He didn’t think of the boundaries, he just did it!

It is all a measure of what you believe. He knew he could, so he did. Do we know we can? That is the big question. Can you? Of course! Do you receive by faith the life that you have, and the beautiful you that the Lord has made? You are beautifully and wonderfully made, and God does not make mistakes. This is a truth that needs to fill your heart, because it is indeed true.

My hope and dream is to share the incredible love of Jesus with you. To encourage you to see in Him what I’ve seen; to believe that I believe; to understand that I do believe and that all that amazing love is meant for you. Really, it is, for each and every one of you. To know that it is indeed true: Nothing is impossible, with God.

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