by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: This week, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced to the world a significant discovery. Hezbollah has been digging tunnels deep into Israel. The tunnels originated in Lebanon and breached Israel’s northern border. Concerning these tunnels, Netanyahu said, “They were built with one purpose in mind—to attack and murder innocent Israeli men, women and children. This is a grave violation of Israel’s sovereignty and a gross violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.”
Hezbollah, the terrorist arm of Iran, intended to use these tunnels to invade Israel. The tunnels have no other purpose other than a military invasion, but constructing these tunnels has been a very expensive undertaking. How has Iran been able to finance this operation for Hezbollah?
I believe the funding has come from the $1.7 billion secretly flown into Tehran by the Obama administration, as a payoff for signing the nuclear arms deal with the USA. This means funds originating from the United States have been used to build tunnels deep into Israel for the purpose of waging war against our ally.
In this act of aggression against Israel, Obama has his hands dirty. So does former Secretary of State, John Kerry. In the dead of night, they spirited the $1.7 billion in cash out of the USA on four planes that arrived in Tehran Iran, hours later. Once received, these funds have been used by Iran for terrorism, including the building of a web of tunnels deep into Israel.
Will Obama and Kerry be called to account for this? No, they will not—other than what you are reading right now—but the linkage in events is clear. Without these massive funds from Obama, Iran would never have been able to afford such a grandiose enterprise.
Fortunately, Israel discovered the plot and is currently destroying the tunnels. That this level of perfidy originated from Obama and Kerry, however, is deeply troubling. Nevertheless, the media is far more interested in Trump not reciting The Apostles’ Creed at George H.W. Bush’s funeral—a creed the Progressive media certainly does not believe.

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