OBAMA Weaponized the FBI & DOJ Against Candidate Trump

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Stefan Halper may not look as dashing in his tuxedo as James Bond did, but Halper has certainly been paid better than 007. The Obama administration paid Halper more than $1 million to spy on the Trump campaign. That Obama would weaponize the FBI and DOJ against his political enemies only surprises those who have not been paying attention, as well as those who have willfully chosen to believe Obama was an honorable President, which he certainly was not.
From the time Obama weaponized the IRS to use against his Tea Party opposition in 2010, our 44th President, with the tacit consent of the fawning media, consistently used the federal bureaucracy to squelch his political opponents. That this is just now becoming widely known is because the press refused to do its job when candidate Trump initially raised the issue. Choosing instead to mock him for being paranoid and deceitful, the media refused to take Trump’s charge seriously. Now, cleaning up the mess Team Obama made has become monumental, especially since so many Americans refuse to believe what he actually did.
Multiplied millions continue to maintain that Obama and his sycophantic underlings have done no wrong. Choosing instead to reinterpret issues like Halper’s spying as somehow being benevolent and benign, they continue to maintain their nonsensical perspective. When Howowitz’s I.G. report is released, which is imminent, it will be no different. Obama minions will continue to deny reality, steadfastly refusing to admit that their Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes.

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