by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Why would anyone be surprised that President Obama would have an FBI spy inserted into the Presidential campaign of candidate Donald J. Trump? This is behavior that was predictable for those in the Obama administration.
As early as 2010, when Obama weaponized the I.R.S. against his Tea Party opponents, Obama made his intentions clear. He would use any and all means available to stifle his political opponents. Over the entire course of his Presidency, he weaponized one agency after the other—all in an attempt to impose his Progressive agenda of transforming the United States into a Socialist nation.
Beginning with Lois Lerner and her attempt to refuse 501c4 status for Tea Party political opponents, Obama demonstrated a willingness to use his office of trust to punish those who opposed him. He also weaponized the DOJ, EPA, Veterans Administration, and numerous other agencies to crush his political opponents.
That he was willing to use the FBI to destroy Donald Trump makes perfect sense, if you connect the dots to his behavior over the course of his eight years in office. None of what he did is legal or Constitutional, of course, but what difference would that make to Obama and his corrupt cronies?
None, of course, but that was then, and this is now. His deed, done in darkness, are now being exposed to the light of day, and those who aided him will have to pay a heavy price for their crimes. To weaponize the FBI, DOJ, and other intelligence agencies to tip the scale in favor of Hillary Clinton is a crime of unimaginable proportions, and the criminals involved must be held accountable.
Sadly, for Obama, this is what will be known as his legacy. His name, like Nixon’s, will be ridiculed and mocked, not venerated and respected. Does this bother me? No, it does not. He deserves every bit of the disrespect that is headed his way.

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