OBAMA’S Corruption Is at the Root of Animosity Toward Trump

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The following is my theory. It represents my misgivings about what has been happening in America for quite some time. It’s based on what I have come to understand about the depth of corruption that existed during the Obama administration, but perhaps long before that. What I am about to say is founded on my opinion—not facts I am capable of verifying. My supposition is definitely out-of-the-box thinking, but that is my forte.
Do you remember when President Obama would send his annual budget to the House of Representatives? When he did, the House would vote it down by as much as 434-1. He never received more than a handful of affirming votes, which always seemed odd to me. When this happened, and it was an annual event, I remember thinking that Obama’s team of economic experts must be the most incompetent buffoons in Washington D.C. They couldn’t even get Pelosi to vote for what Obama proposed.
Thinking like this was my mistake, and it was a huge one. They weren’t incompetent; they were cunning. By proposing a budget that was certain to be defeated—even by stalwart Democrats—our nation was forced to operate each year through massive Omnibus Spending Bills, rather than by line-item expenditures.
Why would this be important, you might ask. It’s because it was far easier to spend money wherever Obama wanted to spend it—without the constraints of a set budget. This meant there was much less accountability for what was being spent, and Obama also spent more than an additional trillion than was appropriated each year of his Presidency. This is what Obama wanted—massive unaccountable funds—and he was willing to hav

e his budget voted down to obtain it. Obama wasn’t a fool, as I erroneously thought. Although evil, his scheme was ingenious.

It made it was much easier for his administration to pay off corrupt legislators, as well as strategically placed operatives within the Deep State. For example, this is why Harry Reid, who was not a man of means, could become fabulously wealthy as a Senator whose salary was just $174,000 per year. The same is true of Pelosi, but this massive corruption was not limited to the Democrats. There are a number of Republicans who are equally as guilty, as well as lobbyists, journalists, and members of the military-industrial complex.
How deep the corruption goes is anybody’s guess, but I suspect it is more pervasive than any of us can possibly imagine. I also believe that it involves other avenues of corruption, including unimaginable sexual deviancies.

When Trump became President, which was completely unexpected by these
 Deep State miscreants, he upset their entire operation. The payoffs dried up. Because Trump was not part of this operation, but has been in vigorous opposition to it, the Washington establishment has been antagonistic toward him ever since his inauguration. To many of us, the hatred toward Trump has appeared to be irrational and out of proportion, but it hasn’t been—not if you look at it from the perspective I’m suggesting. If you view what has happened, based on my hypothesis, everything makes perfect sense.
Given enough time, Trump will get to the bottom of all of this. Those who are corrupt understand this. It’s why they are committed to taking him out by whatever means is necessary. It’s also the reason why those of us who support him must continue to stand strong. We are not simply undergirding Trump. We are also supporting our Constitutional government, which is under relentless assault.
Although this is just my opinion, in your heart, you know I’m right about all of it, don’t you?

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