by Jack Watts

In my wildest thoughts, it never occurred to me that Barack Obama could possibly have had anything to do with the deaths of those seventeen students and teachers in Broward County, but he did. Obama had a lot to do with it.

Along with Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General, they worked out a scheme to lower the arrest and conviction rate of minorities in South Florida, without altering criminal behavior one iota. It’s called “Project Promise.” Here’s how it worked.
Certain crimes committed by students, primarily minorities, went unreported. Normally arrested for such behavior, the kids weren’t arrested under this program. For going along with this—lowering the crime rate—the school system and Broward County Sheriff’s Department received additional federal funds. In other words, they were bribed to look the other way, but it was a “legalized” bribe.
By buying into this system, whose purpose was aimed at socially engineering the prison population, everybody won. The kids didn’t get arrested for criminal behavior; the Broward County School System and Sheriff’s Department received increased federal funding, and Obama was able to say he effectively cut the crime rate and leveled the playing field for minority teenage delinquency.
Here’s the problem. Criminal behavior didn’t decrease—just the consequences for it. So, when Nicolas Cruz went to buy an assault rifle, his unreported criminal behavior didn’t raise a red flag, which it should have. Without the Obama-Holder scheme, Cruz would never have been able to buy the assault weapon in the first place. So, in a bizarre twist of fate, President Obama’s hands are just as dirty as Sheriff Israel’s. In this corrupt environment, the four deputies let people die, rather than protect the people in their charge, and all of it was avoidable.




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