Overcoming the Encroaching Darkness with His Light

by Jack Watts

America has enemies from without and enemies from within—both are doing everything they can to weaken and destroy our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage. To be candid, our internal enemy has been far more effective at weakening us than any of our foreign enemies.
Progressivism has been more successful at quietly promoting and establishing darkness in America than most believers realize. To counter the encroaching depravity, which the Progressive are championing, patriotic Christian citizens must make a stand for Almighty God and for our country. This needs to happen immediately. We have no other choice—not and be the good men and women Burke described more than two centuries ago.
Beginning now, this very minute, using today as our starting point, our goal is to help men and women of faith, people like you and me, to unite, especially through prayer. We need to uplift our beloved nation to Almighty God consistently. Prayer is powerful, and it is an effective counterforce to the evils that beset us at home and abroad.
Through our active involvement, by beseeching Almighty God corporately, as well as individually, being fully united in purpose, our goal is to ask God to transform our great nation. Our goal must be to bring America back into alignment with our traditional Judeo-Christian value system. This, and only this, is what will make America truly a great and purposeful nation again.
If we choose instead to do nothing, Evil will surely triumph, and the nation we love so dearly will cease to be what it has always been. It will be replaced by a global state that is antithetical to what our founding fathers intended. We must not allow this to happen. Our battle is for the hearts and minds of millions of badly deceived Americans—people who have come to call wrong right, and right wrong.
We are not alone in our struggle. Our work is that of the Lord, and we are confident that, “Greater is He who” is in us than “he who is in the world” (1 John 4:4, NAS). Bolstered by this assurance, and the conviction that our Heavenly Father is with us and leading us, we intend to confront the Evil of Progressivism with God’s truth.

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