PATRIOTISM Is Essential for America to Survive

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Nationalism, loving your country, is wrong, according to the Progressive worldview, but is it really? If you listen to the media, academics, actors, and politicians with a globalist agenda, patriotism is the root cause for nearly all of the ills throughout history. Like Chatty Cathy dolls, they point to the destruction of the NAZIs in World War II as their historical example.

So, if you don’t want to be a NAZI, an ideology that embraces racism, you must repudiate your love and allegiance to the United States of America. It’s as simple as that. Additionally, you must renounce “American Exceptionalism,” because it is nothing more than the exploitation of others to create wealth unjustly for American consumption. Our wealth is undeserved.

This is what Progressives believe, and it is what our children and grandchildren are being taught from grade school through graduate school. This ideology has become so pervasive that millions of Millennials are ashamed of being American, which is a new phenomenon in our history, and it’s a dangerous one. If young people do not love their country, they will not fight for it. After all, they do not want to support a NAZI regime.

This is where the Progressive’s tenuous grasp of history is flawed. It was actually unbridled patriotism that defeated Nazism and Fascism in World War II, with Winston Churchill rallying the British Empire and the United States to fight the NAZIs. In Russia, with Hitler at the gates of Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad, it was the Russian Orthodox priests who rallied the citizens to fight for “Mother Russia.” Their call for Russian nationalism ultimately pushed the Germans out of Russia, and the Wehrmacht retreated all the way back to Berlin. Russian, British, and American nationalism won World War II.

Here’s another example. Without a sense of national identity, the Jews, who were dispersed in 70 a.d., would have lost their identity and would never have reestablished a Jewish state in 1948. Their nationalism, just like our nationalism, is a good and healthy thing, but it must be nurtured to survive—not repudiated by the self-destructive, foolish revisionist thinking of the Progressives.

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