PETER STRZOK—An Example of a Depraved Mind

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Peter Strzok is a victim. Just ask him or his lawyer. This discredited and fired FBI agent, who did his best to keep Hillary out of jail and frame Donald Trump, refuses to take responsibility for his actions, but how could he be this obtuse?
It’s because he doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong, and neither do millions of Americans. In their depraved, godless thinking, Strzok is a noble and heroic figure—not a deceitful public servant who abused his power. He even has a Go Find Me page that is doing quite well.
Strzok is a perfect example of how badly our standards have declined. When the American people can no longer trust the FBI to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, we are in trouble. As FBI Director, James Comey led a renegade group of our nation’s most powerful law enforcement officials in a direction that has undermined our democratic institutions and the rule of law. Now, we have to deal with the aftermath of their damnable actions.
That Strzok, or any of these other rogue criminals, consider themselves to be victims is mind-boggling. They belong in prison—all of them—and I hope that each of them does time in jail.

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