by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Like so many, I was glued to the TV for hours watching Peter Strzok’s testimony. It was an extraordinarily insightful experience—but not from what we learned from the witness.
When it was over, my spirit was deeply grieved. Not only was I amazed that such an obviously troubled man could become so important at the FBI, but I was also stunned by how much others are invested in helping him perpetuate the darkness. Witnessing this firsthand repeatedly for hours was very disturbing.
The FBI and the Department of Justice are more heavily invested in keeping their secrets than they are in being candid, straightforward, and honest. That Peter Strzok presented himself as the poster boy and defender of the FBI was beyond laughable. It was disheartening. Instead of making me feel safer, it let me know exactly how vulnerable we are. When a narcissist, whose grasp of reality is tenuous at best, can be placed in charge of two of the most important investigations we have had in decades, what person in his or her right mind could have confidence that the outcome would be fair and honest?
Even worse, I simply could not believe the accolades heaped upon this adulterous villain by the Democrats, who actually clapped for him like he was a hero. All that was missing from this charade was Susan Rice to tell us that Strzok, like Bowe Bergdahl, had served his country with “honor and distinction.”
Strzok is still receiving a paycheck, and he also has a “Top Secret” clearance—even though the FBI and Department of Justice have been well aware of what we finally witnessed for at least a year. What does this say about the current leadership at the FBI and the DOJ? Not much, I’m afraid.
That such depravity continues unchecked is unacceptable. We, the American people, deserve much better than this. Normally, I am very upbeat, as most of you know, but not today. I fear for the future of our nation when it is in the hands of such miscreants. Nevertheless, because I also know that God is in charge, I am doubling my prayers for our nation, as well as my resolve to purge America from the corruption that threatens to engulf us.

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