PRAYER: Discerning God’s Will

by Jack Watts

MY PRAYER: Father,
As I try to understand Your leading
And the direction You desire for me to follow,
It seems easy enough, but it never is.
I try to predict what You are doing—
What You have in mind for me,
But I never really know what that is.
It seems like I’m constantly in the dark,
And You are never predictable.
Just when I think I understand Your pattern,
You move in a different direction—never returning
To the path I have learned to predict.
All I can do is listen to Your gentle whisper,
Which guides me toward my destiny.
Sometimes, I wish it were easier to be certain—
To know exactly where You are headed,
And what the outcome of following You will be,
But that is not my role—not my lot in life.
My job is to be keen and vigilant,
As You guide me through life’s circumstances,
Always pointing me toward higher ground,
Steadfastly focusing on Your predetermined purpose.
Having walked this road with You for a while,
I know You can be trusted completely.
This is all I need to know to sustain me,
But I wish I knew more. It’s what I always want,

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