PRAYER: Father, Do Not Allow the Deep State to Prevail

by Jack Watts

We come before You today with heavy hearts.
Our spirits are grieved and our countenances
Are so diminished that it is obvious that we, Your children,
Have been dealt a heavy dose of unexpected bad news.
Until the I.G’s report was revealed, we were hopeful,
Believing that truth, justice, and accountability would be
The order of the day, but that was not be—not even close.
Instead, those whom we have entrusted to restore justice
Used the opportunity to whitewash the continued malfeasance
That exists within the FBI and the Department of Justice.
In the foolishness of their hearts, and to their shame, they
Actually believe there is wisdom in calling what is right wrong,
And what is wrong right, but all they have really accomplished
Is to compound their grievous errors by a factor of ten.
Refusing to call out the corrupt by name, to be transparent,
Or to be candid and straightforward with the American people,
About exactly how nefarious and twisted the leadership of the FBI
Has been, they have fed us with a heavy dose of convoluted nonsense
That continues to shield the corrupt from being held accountable
For their wrongdoing. These corrupt agents did everything in their
Considerable power to abrogate the will of the American people,
While simultaneously trying to impose a leader upon us who was
As evil, deceitful, and disgraceful as Jezebel herself.
In the depravity of their hearts, the twisted leaders of the Deep State
Believe they have won again, and we will slink back into the shadows,
While they relentlessly destroy our great nation from within,
But they are wrong. Instead of cowering, accepting what they have said
As being true, which is exactly what these bureaucrats expect from us,
We will not be intimidated into silence. Instead of being compliant,
We come before You today and ask that You strengthen each of us
In the inner Man or the inner Woman to become bolder than ever,
As we make an irreversible commitment to reclaim our wonderful
Nation from the corrupt, the deviant, the depraved, and the dishonorable.
Father, raise up leaders whose integrity is unassailable, and embolden
Your righteous warriors to stand strong, as each of us works diligently
This fall to elect those who are willing to defy the Deep State bureaucracy—
That fleeces us of our Constitutional rights, as we drive them out of power.
We ask all of this in Christ’s Name, amen.

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