PRAYER: Have an Attitude of Gratitude

by Jack Watts

MY PRAYER: Father,
I am grateful for all that You have done.
I am so honored that You would love me
And would pay attention to my needs.
On my best days, which seem to be rare,
When I am peaceful and tranquil—
When I am confident You are in charge
And that I need not fret or worry—
I acknowledge how truly blessed I am.
Help me live in this truth each day.
Help me show others that You care
And that You are always available.
Let people see by my actions
The depth of my confidence in You;
Let them be convinced Your ways are worthy—
And You are always wise and prudent.
Teach me to refrain from boastful arrogance,
And let the pride of life be far from me.
Do not let this be my witness; Do not allow me
To push those who seek You further away,
Rather than help them draw nearer in time of need.
Teach me to be mindful that whatever I do,
Whether positive or negative, that it reflects on You—
On Your holy name,

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