PRAYER: When Others have Wounded You

by Jack Watts

I feel like a wounded gazelle,
Unable to fend for myself,
As hungry beasts surround me.
My demise seems certain,
And there is no place to hide.
My friends, those who call upon Your name,
Are nowhere to be found—
Just when I need them the most.
My love has abandoned me for another,
Never looking back—not even a glance.
I am undone and badly crushed,
And those who seek what little is left,
Fight over the scraps of my being—
Over the pieces of my shattered life.
How long will You leave me exposed—
Vulnerable to ravenous predators—
To those who seek to destroy me?
Tell me, Lord, when will it be enough?
When will You protect Your wounded child?
When will You move Your mighty hand to help?
If You do not rescue me soon, there may be nothing left.
My head, which was once proud, now hangs in despair,
And my countenance is greatly diminished.
Terrifying apprehensions have overwhelmed me,
And dread of the future has become my portion in life.
I fear that my adversaries will have victory over me.
Father, provide me with a way through this thorny maze,
To a place that is safe and secure—
Free from turmoil, free from pain,
Free from heartache, and free from despair,

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