PREDICATE for Mueller Investigation Is Flawed and DOJ Is Covering for It

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: What is the end game of the Mueller investigation? It’s obviously to “get Trump,” but how can that be accomplished? In my opinion, the only way this can happen is if the Democrats take control of the House of Representatives this fall. With Pelosi as Speaker and people like Adam Schiff in control of oversight, the Mueller findings could be used by the House of Representatives to bring Articles of Impeachment charges against President Trump.
But Trump hasn’t done anything wrong, you might counter. Although this is true, it’s irrelevant. The Progressive Left wants him out. They will do anything to accomplish their goal, but they can’t do it unless the House flips.
The reason why is because the foundation for the investigation is fundamentally flawed, and they need the House to take the lead. This is because the investigation and the spying began well before the legal foundation for it was established.
This is why Assistant Director of the Department of Justice Rod Rosenstein refuses to allow Rep. Nunes and Gowdy to see the documentation upon which the investigation was predicated. The DOJ does not want Congress to see the date on the documents. If this happens, and it will eventually, Congress will see that the foundation is flawed, and that will be a game-changer—but only if the Republicans are in charge.
Everything depends on flipping the House. Mueller know this, and I suspect it is the reason why he has postponed the sentencing of General Flynn and others. Since the predicate for the investigation is fundamentally flawed, Mueller knows this might create more problems for him than he is willing to handle.
Here’s what I think has happened in the spring of 2016. Obama used Brennan to spy on Trump, but the CIA is not allowed to spy on American citizens. This necessitated FBI Director Comey to be part of the cabal. Because the entire investigation was phony, Comey kept it at FBI headquarters instead of placing it at a field office, where 99.9% of all FBI investigations are performed. Comey knew he couldn’t compromise agents in the field—too many of them are honest. At FBI headquarters, however, people like McCabe, Strzok, and Page were already compromised. Unfortunately for these miscreants, their entire house of cards is beginning to collapse, and it’s only a matter of time before the entire scheme becomes public knowledge. My only regret is not having written a novel about it.

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