PROGRESSIVES in FL & GA Are Not Playing by the Rules

by Jack Watts

When we have Presidential and Midterm elections, what do we want? We want to win, of course, but when we don’t, we accept our losses with dignity and grace—like when a sporting team we love loses a crucial game. Even if the outcome of an election disappoints us, we don’t throw a hissy fit, but more importantly, we do not try and alter the outcome fraudulently.
Unfortunately, the Progressive Left is not constrained by such ethical standards. They have no sense of fairness. If they lose by a narrow margin, like they have in two key races in Florida and one in Georgia, they huddle together to think of ways to alter the outcome. They have no scruples against cheating—not if it is required to change the winner and gain power.
For Conservatives, like losing a sporting event because of a bad call, this infuriates us. We view what the Progressives are doing—”finding” uncounted ballots that have been manufactured and not cast—as criminal. It’s not only wrong, it also undermines our republic like nothing else.
This must not be allowed to stand, and the criminal Progressives behind it must be held to account for their actions—not with a slap on the wrist, but with substantial prison sentences. Nothing short of this is acceptable.

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