RECOVERY from Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Can Be Permanent

by Jack Watts

For recovery to be permanent, it must be deeper than just remaining abstinent. Fundamental change needs to occur at the core of your being, and it will, if you work for it. If God is the author of your transformation, recovery will happen. So, keep at it.
If you do the work consistently, optimism about your future, or the future of a loved one, is justified.
Since most alcoholics and addicts self-medicate to alleviate pain, consistent, repeated work is needed to ferret out the origin of each problem. Negative self-talk nurtures painful emotions that establish debilitating beliefs, which makes fulfillment in life virtually impossible. The good news is that you can stop thinking about yourself in self-defeating ways and begin seeing yourself through God’s eyes. It can be done.
Like everything of value in life, transforming your core patterns requires a great deal of effort but, if you are committed and diligent, spiritual renewal will occur. For some, it will happen more quickly than it will for others, but it will happen. When it does, like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, you will marvel that you can now fly when all you could do before was crawl.
The deeper you go, the better your results will be.Your life didn’t deteriorate in a day, nor will your metamorphosis to emotional health happen overnight. But it will occur, if you are committed to doing the necessary work.

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