by Stephanie Lacey

I am breaking open your vessel. The pruning and shearing you have endured has ensured in my time that my newness and refreshment is certain to permeate you down into your deepest parts. I am full so you are full. Take your position at the feast table with me. My table was made for you and I. It was prepared for our talks and laughter, it was set by my Son with the finest in all extravagance because you are the apple of my eye. As the Son is the apple of my eye are so you. You have been called servant first by my Son but I call you my child. As He is my child you are also. As you abide in Him I am in you. When I sent Him to earth He came to also show you who I really am. I so desire you I sent Him in your place. So as He is there are you also. Take up your robe of righteousness and see yourself pure and made clean in my sight, for it is the finished work. Receive this day the oil of joy and the garments of praise. When you come in praise I cover you as a royal robe. My joy in you is the strength of my heart inside of you driving out all darkness. You are not what the enemy has muttered in your ear. You are in all power, dominion and authority in my Son Christ Jesus. You are the righteousness of who I am in Christ Jesus. You are a force to be reckoned with in the enemy camp alongside of me. You rule and reign with me so rise up and conquer beloved. You have angelic armies who rise as you rise. Hell knows your name as you walk in your true identity in Christ Jesus. Arise in the truth of your identity my child.

Scripture application Read all of EPHESIANS.

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