by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Right now, our national debt stands at $21.1 trillion dollars. This equals just under $175,000 for each taxpayer. For a couple, this equates to $350,000, which would buy a very nice house in most parts of the country. This is real money that has to be repaid. There is no way for American citizens to skirt this responsibility.
But where did all of this debt come from, you might ask? Good question. Half of it came from the policies of Barack Obama’s failed Presidency, but a good portion of it came from George W. Bush’s administration, which wasn’t much better.
We also have a massive trade imbalance of nearly $850 billion each years, which comes from our trade agreements that punish American businesses, while undergirding foreign businesses. Additionally, we have been footing most of the bill for the military protect of Western Europe and East Asia since World War II ended nearly three quarters of a century ago. That’s a long time to be paying for others.
Despite this, the American economy is the strongest in the world, but we need to redo all of our trade agreements, as well as our military alliances, so that the American people are no longer footing the bill to take care of the rest of the world. We have been generous to others for decades, but it is time for us to take care of ourselves.
It’s time for us to ask these questions: Why should I be in debt $175,000 to pay for Canadians to live better; Mexicans to live better; or to subside to the economy of China to replace us as the world’s strongest nation? Why should I continue to pay for the protection of France, Germany, or the Netherlands, when they are unwilling to even pay the amount they have contractually agreed to pay for their own protection? Why are our soldiers required to die for others, when all they want to do is use us financially? The answer to each of these questions should be rhetorical, requiring no debate.
The bottom line is this. We can no longer afford to pay for the welfare of others, while we go further into debt. It’s time for these nations to step up and shoulder their portion of the responsibility for their own security. It is also time for us to renegotiate all of our unfair trade agreements, which were made by incompetent Presidents like Clinton, Bush, and Obama.
This is exactly what President Trump is doing. Because people do not like change, they balk at his bold policies, but this is a mistake. America will be stronger because of them and, by the end of his Presidency, our indebtedness will be non-existent or significantly less.

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