Retake the USA from Depravity

To a Progressive, everything we say, everything we believe, everything we hold dear and cherish is a lie. Christianity is a lie. The Judeo-Christian Ethic is nothing more than a construct of entitled oppressors to hold down and repress individual expression. There is no right and wrong. It doesn’t exist. There is no North Star to guide us. To believe there is, is nonsense.


For the Progressives, who have captured academia, the media, the worlds of sports and entertainment, along with the Democratic Party, there is no truth. There are no absolutes, including murder. This is why they do not even flinch at considering partial-birth abortion to be legitimate. To them, based on their worldview, it isn’t murder. You and I are fools for believing it is. Our problem is that we have been trapped by the false beliefs of Christianity.


There is no place where our false beliefs are more prevalent and damaging than when it comes to sexual morality. We are confined by our self-imposed norms, while they are not. For them, the cry of the student rebellion in France in the 60s continues to be their slogan. “It is forbidden to forbid” is their de facto mantra. In the twenty-first century, this now includes legitimizing pedophilia.


For a Progressive, being a pedophile is not wrong, nor should it continue to be stigmatized as a perversion. According to the American Psychiatric Association, it is no longer considered to be a deviancy. To de-stigmatize it, they now call it being “child attracted,” which is a much less negative designation.


Going one step further in their effort to make wrong right, Progressives maintain that children are not really being victimized by a predator, quite the contrary. To them, for a child to be robbed of his or her innocence can be looked upon as a good thing. The problem isn’t with the predator but with our Judeo-Christian belief system. Because we have labelled the sexualization of children by an adult as being sinful, we are wrong. How can something be sinful if there is no right and wrong? It can’t, not according to the moral abyss of Progressivism.


To them, it is not the pedophile who is wrong but Christians like you and me. It’s our shaming of them that is amiss. What we consider to be an unnatural affection is now championed by Progressives, but this is nothing new. As far back as the Roman Empire, perversion was a problem that was addressed in Romans 1. In antiquity, Christianity eventually prevailed. In twenty-first-century America, we must stand strong for the rights of children and prevail.


Let the Progressives hate us for being who we are. That’s their prerogative. We are here to please God and not them anyway—never the other way around.

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