Return To Values – Make America Great Again

by Jack Watts
In the 2016 Presidential Election, 81% of Evangelicals voted for a return to the values that once made America great. These values can make America great again. There is no doubt about that.
Our values come from the Judeo-Christian Ethic. It provides us with a consistent sense of right and wrong. This is the belief system that began at the landing at Plymouth Rock and with the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
These traditional values are what made America great, and they can make us great once again. Because our values are in sharp contrast with the nihilism of Progressivism, we conflict sharply with them. What we believe repudiates the statism of Progressives, as well as their desire to have open borders, abortion on demand, massive regulation, and governmental interference into every aspect of our lives.
Unlike the Progressives, who are ashamed of being American, we are not. We are proud of our nation and believe in American Exceptionalism wholeheartedly. Although we are mocked and ridiculed for what we believe, our commitment to our values is unassailable, and we vote.
Because there are so many of us, when we are unified, in most areas of the country, we are capable of electing the men and women we desire. Nevertheless, we must remain strong and vigilant, because our adversaries, like roaring lions, relentlessly seek to elect those whose love for America has grown cold.
Instead of championing the rights of the people, in the depth of their corrupt hearts, they have undermined our future, while becoming rich at our expense. The mid-term elections are just a few months away. This means it is time for men and women of faith to band together and support those candidates that champion our values, while relentlessly repudiating those who do not.
Having narrowly averting disaster in 2016, we are at a crossroads. Will we return to the way that made us great, or will we decline and cease to be prosperous? The future of our nation is in our hands. With the help of Almighty God, we can solidify our gains and truly make America great again, but it’s time to get back to work.

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