Salt & Light

by Jack Watts
Our culture, influenced by the spirit of deception, has lost its understanding of the word, “Truth.” It’s a term that no longer reflects anything definite, especially when it comes to the nature of God.
To speak of God’s truth openly, as if it is real, is to invite ridicule, scorn, and contempt from Progressives. In America, just about any perspective is tolerated, other than being a Bible-believing Christian. Even marginal Christians are accepted, at least to some degree.
It seems like the only people who are not tolerated are those who believe God’s Word is completely true and without error. In our nation, which is dominated by Progressive ideology, rejecting God’s authority has become a mark of sophistication. Maintaining such a position validates one’s erudition. Their rejection of us is accompanied by contemptuous castigation, which nearly always intimidates people of faith. Most Christians have become accustomed to cowing to the pantheistic bullying of Progressives.
Nevertheless, it is a significant error to believe we require the approval of people like these, especially when it comes at the expense of abandoning our core beliefs. Christ stated that the world rejected Him and it would do the same with us.
This is not an insignificant statement. Everybody wants to be liked, but not at the expense of abandoning foundational convictions. It’s too great a price to pay, but this is precisely what millions of Christians do. Tragically, they do so without realizing this will cost them the abundance that is rightfully theirs.

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