by Stephanie Lacey

When you first came to me and received my Son Jesus the Christ, I deposited a seed within you that would grow over time. Understand that the   seed only grows as you continue to seek me and adhere to me, taking shelter where the proper nourishment, water and light can feed this within you. There were times the seed only grew a small amount because you became distracted and were lured off my path of growth for that seed. There have been other times you came back and brought the seed under my blessing and saw it flourish and bring forth its fruit. You were even in awe of who I am in those precious seasons. Other times when I pruned your branches you ran away thinking I was against you, but I was merely making more room for better and more glorious fruit. How I work and how you think I work are two very different things. Your trust in me must mature if you ever want the richness and fulfillment of what I desire to give forth through you. When I first planted this beautiful seed of great potential you couldn’t see the giant tree it could become nor what it would take to grow it. Growth often means cutting back certain branches. Growth means breaking through tumultuous soil. Growth means weathering high winds and storms. But trust me with your precious seed. I use the storms to cause your roots to dig deeper and when they do, they find hidden nourishment that was so needed and perfect. Your all called a tree of righteousness for a reason. Give your seed unto my care and watch what I do with it.

Scripture application Matthew 17:20, Genesis 3:15, Luke 13, Mark 4, John 15, John 12 :23-25, James 3:18

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