Set your hand to the plow and do not look back – March 12 Devotional

by Stephanie Lacey

Only look forward now. I didn’t design your neck to turn and look back at the past but perhaps for the purpose to take caution at times. Train yourself up to set your eyes straight ahead upon me. Take my hand and take that step. You are not without help moving one step in front of the other. I am your step. I am your light on the path set before you. Purpose yourself to march with me. I have removed the stumbling blocks from the path ahead. You see it is my path before you. Nothing upon it is without my consideration or knowing. In fact I have handcrafted and built this road that is set before you. Trust me as you take my hand and follow me to the next adventure. When you feel discouraged or unsure of what is ahead, look to me and I will shed my light upon it and gently take you across that threshold. You truly are never alone. You just need to acknowledge that you have an advocate in me. I am your help in time of trouble. Trust me with the rocky path just as you rejoice on the smooth path. There isn’t anything that I have not foreseen on this road before you. Understand there is nothing left for you or that serves you behind you. Make up your mind to take hold of what I have set before you by following me about face forward. I will never let you down. I am with you as you set your hand to the plow and walk with me.

Scripture application Philippians 3:13, Deuteronomy 5:32, Joshua 1:7, Proverbs 4:27, Ezekiel 1:12, Luke 9:62, Proverbs 4:25

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