by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The attempts by former Obama administrations officials to undermine the Trump

campaign and his subsequent Presidency continue to unravel. Within the FBI, there is mounting pressure for current agents to be able to come forward and testify about everything they know about corruption and malfeasance during James Comey’s tenure as FBI Director. Evidently, many of them have quite a story to tell.

At the same time, Deputy Attorney Rosenstein is finally being forced to divulge the underlying documents that precipitated the initial probe that led to the Mueller investigation. Rosenstein may be withholding them because they do not exist. In other words, there was no legitimate basis to predicate the investigation, other than operatives in the Deep State not wanting Trump to win the election. When he did, their purpose changed. Since then, they have tried to force him out of office.
To stop Trump’s Presidency, the Deep State has attempted to create what amounts to a bloodless coup, and they have almost gotten away with it. Like a sports event, however, the momentum has changed, and those who masterminded Spygate are now being unmasked. How do I know this? Most of them are lawyering up. That’s a pretty good indication about what they expect the future to hold for them.
What we want and demand, as the American people, is nothing less than complete transparency about everything. Let the chips fall where they may. Let all of the deeds of darkness be exposed to the light, and prosecute every person who has participated in this. Spare no one—not for any reason.

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