SPYGATE PLOT Against Trump Confirmed

by Jack Watts

The plot has just thickened appreciably. It has just been discovered that the FBI, as early as 12/28/2015, months before the first Presidential primary, while there were still twelve Republican candidates in the race, launched a counter intelligence operation against the candidate, Donald Trump. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were spies placed in other campaigns as well.
In a text message to his lover, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, the discredited FBI agent, said that you get “all our oconus lures approved.” Although couched with a question mark, it also had a smiley face attached, which shows how much these two adulterous lovers wanted this to happen.
Oconus is an acronym that means outside of the United States. Lures, which is plural, means spies in the nomenclature of the FBI. What this exchange means, although initially redacted, is that there was an offensive counter-intelligence operation that was being put in place against Trump before the first primary vote was even cast.
There was nothing defensive about this. Bluntly, it was the Obama administration attempting to put its foot on the scale to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. The goal was to keep Trump from being elected President. Nothing could be more serious than this, and it is no longer speculation. FBI Agent Peter Strzok confirmed it with his own words.
It is time for this entire effort to subvert our 2016 Presidential election to be unmasked. No more stalling. No more redactions. No more refusal to produce relevant documents. No more attempts to cover up the crimes of senior members of the previous administration, perhaps including Obama himself. We, the American people, demand answers, and we demand them right now.

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