STAND UP and Be Counted

by Jack Watts

I AM NOT ASHAMED—Excerpt: Many Christians have been so intimidated by the politically correct mandates of Progressivism that they tend to agree with their deceivers. This is why it is not surprising that millions of Christians actually believe the Progressives are destined to win the societal war.
Others, citing biblical prophecy, are convinced it is our destiny to lose to the Progressives. Many Christians have come to believe our demise in inevitable, but this self-fulfilling prophecy is simply not true. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.
We have acquiesced to the anti-Christian, anti-patriotic, and anti-privacy dictates of the Progressives for far too long. It’s time for us to fight back. We can do this by standing together and appropriating the spiritual armor Almighty God has provided for us to wage war. To win a war of ideas, which is what we are fighting, it’s imperative that we battle the Progressives just as vigorously in the spiritual realm, as we do in our political bantering.
Progressives believe they are the only authorized disseminators of “the truth.” Because of this, they insist that we take them seriously, while consistently refusing to be reciprocal. They reason that our mystical, superstitious worldview should not be equated with theirs.
For the Progressives, the Bible has nothing to do with the world in which we live. To believe that it does is ridiculous and illogical. Those who adhere to its tenets and quote it as being authoritative—people like you and me—are irrational. To take people like us seriously is absurd. Progressives do not respect us, and they never will. Instead, they believe—firmly believe—that we richly deserve all of the contempt that they are more than happy to heap upon our heads.
Nevertheless, acting like we are grade schoolers or codependents, most of us go out of our way to say and do nice things to placate our Progressive friends. We don’t take what is happening in our nation seriously enough. Nor do we recognize the full implications of what the future portends if the Progressives win this war of worldviews.
Because our belief system is fundamentally divorced from reality, Progressives believe it is actually dangerous for people like us to hold office. We have no moral right to govern, even if we happen to win an election. Therefore, Progressives never comply with our victories, by following our leadership. They remain in a perpetual state of militant hostility, until they win a subsequent election. Then, they are appalled by any dissent we might offer, calling us unpatriotic for balking at their wisdom.

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