STEELE’S DEPOSITION Will Be Unsealed & Russian Hoax Will Be Exposed

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Yesterday in Florida, U.S. District Court Judge, Ursula Ungaro, ordered the release of depositions by former British spy Christopher Steele and a longtime associate of late Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain in a lawsuit filed against BuzzFeed regarding Steele’s anti-Trump dossier. It’s supposed to be released on March 14th.
These depositions have been under seal until now. If they are released, they will reveal the origins of the entire conspiracy by the Deep State to destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency.
It’s about time the truth is revealed and this nonsensical Russian collusion narrative is thoroughly and completely debunked. What these depositions contain will be so damning that the Progressive Left will do anything to keep this from happening—I mean anything. Stay tuned. The you-know-what is about to hit the fan. God protect Judge Ungaro. This is real news that you will not see on CNN.

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