by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: During the 2016 Presidential Election, as I discussed in “Creating Trump Nation,” there were


several times when it was very difficult to continue supporting Donald J. Trump—especially after the crude tape surfaced. I was constantly and repeatedly scolded for not abandoning Trump. People would chide me by writing; “How can you call yourself a Christian and support such a horrible, crude, and vulgar man?”

At times, I was shaken, but my misgivings were always outweighed by the knowledge that Hillary Clinton was far worse. I also knew that our nation would cease to be the America I loved, if Hillary was allowed to nominate Justices for the Supreme Court. With President Obama having already placed two militant Progressives on the High Court, I knew that all would be lost, if Hillary had the power to select two or three more to stack the Court with Leftists.
Despite Trump’s faux pas, I liked the list of Conservative judges from which he intended to select. They were all Constitutionalists who would honor the Rule of Law and not legislate from the bench. This, more than any other factor, including Hillary’s corrupt nature, kept me from jumping ship. So, I stuck with Trump.
Now, nearly two years later, with the economy exploding with growth, millions of jobs created, our prestige throughout the world restored, and the future looking bright for America, I know I made the right decision, despite the disapprobation of the “Never Trumpers.” President Trump now has the opportunity to reshape the Court for the next generation. This is deeply gratifying, and it provides me with all the incentive I need to vote for those who intend to support his agenda moving forward.


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