by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, when I supported candidate Donald Trump, as most of you know, I received relentless attacks for maintaining my position. When the “Access Hollywood” tape surfaced, there was a cacophony of shouts from friends and foe for me to abandon my support for Trump.
Although there were times when I was shaken, I never stopped supporting Trump, and I had at least one solid reason why I remained loyal. I knew that I didn’t want Hillary Clinton to make appointments to the Supreme Court, knowing that her selections would adversely impact our nation for decades to come.
When people mockingly asked me, “How can you support a man who would say such things about women?” I always had an answer. “It’s because I don’t want Crooked Hillary packing the Court with Progressive judges who will eviscerate the Constitution.”
Now, in less than two years, my steadfast determination has paid off. To his credit, President Trump has remained true to his word—a rarity in Washington—by narrowing down his Supreme Court selection to those candidates who were on his list.
I was faithful to him, but he has also been faithful to me and to the millions of others who stuck with him, despite the unrelenting personal attacks on him from the media, academia, and Hollywood. We were right, and the “Never Trumpers,” who have remained bitter to this day, were wrong. The results speak for themselves, including two rock solid Supreme Court picks, and at least one more to come soon. At 85, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not make it to the end of Trump’s first term. Justice Suder might not either.

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