by Stephanie Lacy

As I was in my prayer time this morning, there was an increased fear of the Lord upon my time with Him. More of a knowing of how GREAT AND MIGHTY He is and a deeper revelation of how small and low I was. I heard “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” It was both awesome and humbling all at the same time. I have experienced this many times in worship, but this time the Lord showed me that this time is crucial for others and to those called to leadership to understand that the time we are in is a more significant time than ever to be on our faces before Him seeking His face and calling down His will and kingdom to come ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. It is out of this place we will be sent forth to a higher plain. And, IT IS HIS DESIRE. 

He had given me a dream as a response to my prayer to confirm what He has spoken to me many times. Now, mind you I asked Him to show me one thing but He showed me something even GREATER. This shifted the way I was to pray. Instead of praying for “this” He said, “PRAY FOR THIS instead and I will bring you the other with it.” This shift of HIS WILL BE DONE is bringing with it HIS KINGDOM COME ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. This intimacy and communication with the Father is necessary to receive the next set of marching orders. There has to be humility in this. Let me say that again. THERE HAS TO BE HUMILITY. Probably the most powerful prayer you can utter right now is, “Lord I know nothing, and you know everything. Impart what you know into me.” Doesn’t seem very powerful does it? WRONG. It is the most powerful because we are in the position of complete dependency upon Him. It is the BEST position to be in. And HE TAKES PLEASURE IN THIS!

This will not be a confusing time for those seeking Him more deeply. Pride will have to come down in order to receive the blueprints and strategy He desires to fill His people with. It is crucial right now because He yearns to fill and to do so much through His bride. It is imperative and of absolute importance to be in an “I am empty, fill my cup” position. Only HE CAN DO this through us; and that which is coming even NOW. It has to be understood and grasped and only He can reveal this to you. 

What is coming? There is a catapult and God is launching the faithful out to do great exploits beyond their own capacity, beyond their own thoughts, dreams and even desires. He is launching the humble into the promised territory. This is not the time to be complacent, not the time to be blaming others, not the time to be accusing, not the time to be prideful. 
Be sure you are forgiving others and blessing your enemies. BE IN HUMILITY. This is the only place from which you will be launched out.
There really is a call to deep right now, as The Almighty God is anticipating ND LONGING to do the greater thing in us and through us.
His HEART is for us FIRST. Where the fear of the Lord (humility) is, the fear of man disintegrates. And it is the beginning of wisdom.

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