The challenge at hand is an opportunity for my glory to shine – March 1 Devotional

When I molded Adam, I created him to live in my glory for my glory. You my beloved child are from Adam and this desire for my glory to be revealed in and through you hasn’t changed. I haven’t changed my mind. Through the redemption of my perfect son Jesus, I made the path for my glory to rest upon you again. It is my heart of hearts my love. I created you as a conduit family member of my glory. The challenge you face today is the fervent ground for my glory to shine forth like the sun. Make covenant with me in this obstacle you are up against. Purpose yourself to trust me with it. Trust me to take hold of it and reason with it. When you do this, expect no matter what happens that I know what I am doing. Remember, I see all and know all. I know the depths and I know the heights of this challenge. I know how it meshes and is woven together so seamlessly in the grand tapestry of your life. Every delicate stitch is carefully tailored in unison to my plan and strategy. Whether it was a darker or a brighter much happier hue they all come together to make a glorious revelation of my flawless work in and through your life vessel. Nothing is wasted my child. Nothing is lost without my knowledge. My will supersedes over the world. Have you not heard the good news? For I have overcome the world. And in Me so have you. Make covenant with Me to trust Me with your challenges each and everyday.

Scripture application: Romans 8:28, Isaiah 41, psalm 103, James 5

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