The Charge Against Kavanaugh Is Sneaky and Unfair

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I do not believe anything about the alleged assault of Christine Blasey Ford by Brett Kavanaugh is on the up-and-up. The entire thing has been choreographed and orchestrated to do what the Democrats couldn’t do honestly—derail the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh.
Now, this is the most important story in America, and Senator Dianne Feinstein’s devious tactic stands a good chance of succeeding.
To begin with, I do not believe this woman has been reluctant to come forward—bologna. She has been anxiously waiting in the wings to step forward to destroy Kavanaugh. Am I surprised she is a Democratic operative who donated to Bernie? No, I am not. Am I surprised she is a Liberal professor? Not in the least. Am I surprised she would wear a “Pu**y Hat” to protest Trump? Hardly. This is a political hit job—pure and simple.
Sitting on the accuser’s letter until the hearings were concluded was a calculated tactic by Feinstein. But why? I suspect it’s because Feinstein knows the woman’s charge cannot withstand careful scrutiny or cross-examination. The only thing that would work would be a sneak attack, and that is what has happened.
Now, Kavanaugh’s confirmation is in serious doubt, even though the allegation is probably meritless. The other boy accused of being present says that it didn’t happen, and I doubt there is a shred of corroborating evidence that it did. Of course, with the media’s feeding frenzy, evidence becomes irrelevant, doesn’t it?
If Ford was “traumatized,” as she said she was, what counselor did she see? Are there records of her visits, or has the counselor conveniently died? Did she tell her girlfriends at the time? What about school officials?
A generation earlier, Anita Hill came forward with a similar charge against Judge Clarence Thomas, and there are still people who believe her accusations. Concerning Kavanaugh, even if Ford’s account is accurate, which I doubt, what did he do? He rubbed up against her, fully clothed, which happens in high school all the time.
This is completely unfair. We must continue to stand with Judge Kavanaugh—period!

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