The Christian Fallacy

by William Worrell

Living in a pressure cooker world – like we all do – produces the need for instant results and quick order answers. It’s everywhere! Like these examples:

Instant coffee. Fast food. Express checkout. Drive through weddings. Quick start engines, and unless we’re very careful, it follows us into the Christian Life.  No? Try these. Condensed Bible. Three-minute devotionals. Quick Scan Bible. The operative word is QUICK!

Don’t misunderstand, everything has its place. Bible study tools are indispensible. Daily miracles make our checkbooks balance. But there are no short cuts to sharing the Gospel. In fact, there are five fallacies—lies is a better word—about witnessing, spirituality and Christian Growth, which simply do not hold any water. 

Fallacy 1: “Come to Jesus and all your problems will be over.” Not only is this untrue, it is also unloving. In fact, many people discover the problems increase, the road gets tougher and many fall by the wayside. Fact: one out of every three people the gospel is presented properly to, will give their life to Jesus. How? Briefly share your testimony first, then the gospel message. Steve Green says it this way: “I too lived slavery unmercifully bound, battered…broken…I finally knelt down. There in obedience freedom was found. I’ve been set free.”

Fallacy 2: “All the problems you will ever face are addressed in the Bible.” Again untrue. The Bible simply does not offer a specific answer to every problem in life. Principles? YES! There are times we don’t find an explicit answer in scripture for our particular problem. “Why did my father die?” “Why?”  Beloved, we are forced to walk by faith, trusting Father God to show us our next move. He will. And He does.

Fallacy 3: “If you have problems you are unspiritual.” Like most lies of the devil, just the opposite is true. Think of suffering and you think of Job. Job had no answers. He didn’t understand why. A missionary friend of mine was tortured till crippled before he was allowed to share the gospel. In the end, the tribe became Christians.

Fallacy 4: “Being exposed to sound doctrine automatically solves problems.” This is like saying a stroll through the hospital will keep you healthy; and a walk through the gym will build muscle. The Word of God is the perfect map. Just looking at a map will not transport you to Scotland. It takes effort—time—and sometimes pain. So it is with the Christian Life.

Fallacy 5: “Christians are not to be involved in public policy.” This one I call the Ostrich Syndrome. Put your head in the sand—hide—everything will be better later. Guess again! Someone once said, “ All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” What can you do? Look around. Babies are being murdered. The state wants your child. Your freedoms are slipping and your nation is at risk!

What is the sign of Christian maturity? Very simple. Practicing what you hear! Through practice (Doing!) you become mature. There’s an old saying in the church, “You can grow up in the Lord.” Stop filling up notebooks running conference to conference. The conferences are meant to be sources for equipping you for service. Therefore, get involved. Teach someone to read. Help someone get a job. Lobby or March against the abortion industry. Make a decision to become a positive influence at your place of employment. There are many ways to share the love of Jesus. Do as Steve Green says: “I run in the freedom of Liberty’s light, and shout to the captives “Oh prisoner take flight.” Throw open the door, step into the light, we’ve been set free! Come and see!” (See Romans 6:18/Colossians 1:13)


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