by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: In “The Prince,” by Machiavelli, he writes that if you attempt regicide, you had better be successful in killing the king. If you are not, Machiavelli says that the king will become much stronger. We have just witnessed this with President Trump.
The Deep State operatives within the Obama administration, which may include the former president, along with the Clintons and the Democratic National Committee, have attempted a soft coup. Their goal was to nullify the 2016 Presidential Election and drive Donald Trump from office.
Now that the Mueller report has finally exonerated President Trump from any collusion with the Russians—the narrative of the Progressive media for nearly three years—his hands have been untied to go after those who perpetrated this attempted coup. Although these culprits will continue to fight against him, the tide has turned irreversibly.
Look for indictments to come against these people. It will happen.
Even after the report has been delivered, 42% of Americans continue to believe President Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary. That so many believe this lie and continue to persecute an innocent man is sad, tragic, and very destructive. The only way to correct this error is to ferret out the truth, shame the Leftist media for perpetrating this lie, and imprison the Deep State operatives who attempted the coup. For our democratic republic to survive, for the rule of law to be restored, and for our nation to heal, these disgraceful villains must held to account. It’s time to “Lock Her Up.” This time for real.

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