The DEEP STATE Depravity Will Not Prevail

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Years ago, one of my clients was Prison Fellowship—the ministry of Chuck Colson. Although this was a great ministry, he was better known for his role in the coverup of the Watergate scandal of President Nixon. In fact, Colson went to prison for what he did, but he was not embittered by his experience. Instead, he used it to change his life irreversibly.
Colson knew what he had done was wrong, and he accepted the responsibly for his actions. His remorse was genuine. This is what differentiates him from those in the Deep State who are currently perpetrating a non-violent coup, aimed at driving President Trump from office.
There are several things that have been surprising to me about the CIA, DOJ, and FBI’s attempt to bring impeachable charges against Trump, but nothing has been more surprising than the solidarity these men and women have maintained about their mission. They want Trump out, and they have been willing to do anything, including violating the law and their oaths of office to achieve their goal.
In their minds, Trump is so bad that the ends justify the means, regardless of what that might entail. Collectively, these Deep State operatives have no shame, no guilt, and no sense of remorse about falsifying information to achieve their ends. There isn’t one person among them that is like Colson. So far, not one man or woman has been willing to man up and confess that what he or she has done has been fundamentally wrong.
Instead, these people steadfastly and consistently call wrong right and right wrong. Even worse, they believe that their version of reality is correct, even though it violates the duty they have sworn to uphold. Truth means nothing to them—only the goal they desire to achieve.
They have depraved minds, and in their depravity, they are perfectly willing to destroy the nation they believe they are protecting. Because so much of their perfidy has been exposed to the light of day, I do not believe they will achieve their goal. They will not be able to drive Trump from the White House, but foiling their plans is not good enough—not nearly good enough.
For our nation to heal, these Deep State reprobates must be held accountable. Perhaps if they spend enough time in prison, like Colson, they will also have a “come to Jesus” experience.

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