THE DEEP STATE Will Not Intimidate William Barr Like Jeff Sessions

by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: President Trump has had some extraordinary accomplishments, including the tax cuts, defeat of ISIS, and the calming of tensions on the Korean peninsula. He has also had some failures. In my opinion, the appointment of Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General was the worst.
After eight years of corrupt leadership under the reign of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, where right became wrong and wrong became right, the Department of Justice needed strong, righteous leadership that would restore the rule of law to the USA. Instead, what we received was a weak, incompetent fool, who was easily intimidated by the Deep State holdovers from the Obama administration.
The Sessions appointment, which was a self-inflicted wound, proved to be disastrous for Trump, his administration, and for America. Even before Trump took the oath of office, his own DOJ was plotting to destroy his Presidency and have him removed from office. Worst of all, feckless Jeff Sessions not only allowed this to happen, but he also gave it free reign by recusing himself from anything involving the Mueller investigation.
Essentially, Sessions effectively boxed the President in by abdicating his responsibility. Thank God Sessions is gone. Now, with the imminent confirmation of William Barr to be the new Attorney General, the Deep State will not be able to circumvent the law to achieve their goals. There will finally be some accountability at the DOJ and the FBI. Where Sessions was weak, Barr is strong and will be not intimidated by the media, hostile Democrats, or Deep State operatives.

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