by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: To those of us who recognized that the Senate Democrats’ scorched earth commitment to stop Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court was a foolhardy strategy, knowing that their unethical behavior would hurt their chances to retake control of the Senate in the upcoming midterms, it was hard for us to see any rationality in their behavior. It seemed completely counterproductive, but if you think about it at a deeper level, their apparent foolishness actually made perfect sense—at least from their perspective.
For them, control of the Supreme Court is essential to transform America into the Socialist nation they desire. Without the Court ruling in their favor, which Kavanaugh’s confirmation assures will not happen, the Progressive Left cannot have the open borders they desire, free universal healthcare that will bankrupt the country, or any other of the other nonsensical ideas that would require control of the Supreme Court to enforce.
That’s because, in election after election, the Progressive agenda has been voted down by the American people, but losing elections is just a minor setback for the Leftists. Until now, they have been able to rely on the court system, especially the Supreme Court, to enact their anti-American pro-globalist agenda, but Kavanaugh’s confirmation has just put an end to this.
Realizing this, destroying Kavanaugh’s character, in an effort to keep him off of the Supreme Court, was considered to be more important than the possible voter backlash for being perceived as vicious, sneaky, underhanded, and unethical. For the Senate Democrats, it was worth the risk. They nearly succeeded, but in the end, they didn’t. Instead, they have been exposed for exactly who they are. Now, it is time to make them pay for their perfidy at the ballot box. It is time for every patriotic American to vote against every Democrat running for Congress—both Houses. Our future depends on it.

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