by Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Throughout history, when a child is born, the first question asked is if the baby is a boy or a girl. This question differentiates who we are and, until recently, it has provided each of us with our life-long identity.

Now, thanks to Progressive ideology, we are being told that this foundational truth, which is in defiance of Natural Law, is wrong, and we are fools to hold on to this antiquated notion. Preaching “Gender Fluidity,” the enlightened Left now wants to put tampon dispensers in men’s rooms for those males who menstruate.

There are no men who menstruate. Nevertheless, the Progressives insist that they do, and heaven help anyone who disputes this tenet of their belief system. To be enlightened, according to Progressives, you have to accept what is irrational and also in defiance of science. Because males have a Y chromosome, they don’t have periods. It’s as simple as that, unless you are an adherent of Progressivism.

Because of Gender Fluidity, males who grow breasts now dominate female athletics, which is perfectly fine for Progressives. In this perverted worldview, they have refuted the greatest scientific achievement of the past half-century—the understanding of how DNA markers make each of us truly unique.

Because of your DNA, there is nobody else exactly like you, and this includes your foundational sexual identity—being either a male or a female. You can’t change your DNA, no matter how much you would like to or how hard you try. It cannot be done. In fact, this truth has become settled law, as thousands of cold cases have been solved by discovering the unique DNA of criminals through trace evidence.

Despite all of this, the Progressive Left, fools that they are, dominate academia and the Democratic Party, where they perpetrate this ridiculous viewpoint. Even worse, they insist that all of us accept their nonsensical worldview as being true, even though it contradicts science and Natural Law.

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